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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

<3 L O V E is F O R E V E R <3

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All Members , Moderated

Are you in love with someone amazing? Do you want to tell the world? If so, this is the community for you!
Post pictures, share stories, give and recive advice, vent, and make new friends!

The community mod is blk_heart_x23x. If you are interested in becoming a mod, contact me at Sousasgurl23@yahoo.com.

Read the rules before you join the community
Put all applications and long posts behind an LJ-Cut
Be active and take part in the weekly contests and themes.
Promotions must be love related and behind an LJ-Cut
DO NOT spam this community, promotions shouldnt be in every post
All posts MUST be friends only
You must fill out the application, but this is not a rating community, its just so we know you better
No drama here, this is not the community for fighting

Your Names:
Your Ages:
Your Loactions:
How Did You Meet:
How Long Have You Been Together:
Have You Met Their Family:
Have They Met Your Family:
What Would You Say The Best Part Of Being In Love Is:
What Makes Your Love So Special:
Your Song:
Post Some Pictures: